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1412, 2018

Collaboration with LOVIT/ Dr. Antonio Marchini

December 14th, 2018|

Redbiotec is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Antonio Marchini, head of Laboratory of Oncolytic-Virus-Immuno-Therapeutics (LOVIT) at the Luxembourg Institute of Health and German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), as a member of our Scientific Advisory Board. Antonio is an expert in the field of oncolytic viruses aiming at developing innovative anticancer agents. Redbiotec looks forward to this collaboration.

2007, 2018

Tumor immunology expert joining Redbiotec’s SAB

July 20th, 2018|

Redbiotec is pleased to welcome Prof. Maries van den Broek, PhD, Professor at the University of Zurich, Institute of Experimental Immunology, as an additional exclusive member of our Scientific Advisory Board. Maries is a renowned expert in the field of tumor immunology. The aim of her work is to better understand the mutual interaction between the immune system and cancer. Redbiotec looks forward to benefiting from this collaboration.

1505, 2018

Growing traction and growing team for Redbiotec’s oncology program

May 15th, 2018|

Redbiotec recently hired three additional scientists supporting Redbiotec’s fast growing oncology program. We are happy to observe a big and growing interest in Redbiotec’s COMOS and in Redbiotec’s engineered bacteria. As a consequence Redbiotec will invest further resources in these promising immuno-oncology platforms. Redbiotec is currently also evaluating additional people strengthening its scientific advisory board.


2603, 2018

Large portfolio of novel bacteria to fight cancer

March 26th, 2018|

Redbiotec is currently engineering and producing a number of novel bacteria strains. These strains are expected to show superior features in Redbiotec’s COMOs and in further applications. Based on the current and upcoming results Redbiotec plans to file an additional patent application by Q4 2018.


512, 2017

The Summit summit – World record holder Dani Arnold for fastest Matterhorn climb boosting Redbiotec

December 5th, 2017|

Dani Arnold, one of world’s top mountaineers and climbers, world speed record holder of Matterhorn North Face (1h 46min), joins Redbiotec in its headquarters. In its over ten years since foundation the Redbiotec team climbed multiple Swiss mountains. Reaching out for summits and facing physical and mental challenges has always been one of Redbiotec’s passions. “We simply adore the mountains. They are beautiful, and beautiful things motivate”, Christian Schaub, CEO of Redbiotec says, “Our summer and winter trips into the Swiss Alpes inspire our team and make us robust for reaching our high goals in our labs. We are deeply honored that Dani Arnold shared his extraordinary and outstanding achievements with Redbiotec and even trained Redbiotec’s team in improving its climbing skills. We are very much looking forward to a hopefully long lasting partnership and are convinced Dani will further boost our exciting business and helps us setting our goals very high”.

“Redbiotec and I share the same values and mindset. We both want to have a big impact on our sectors. We both seek for the biggest challenges, we never give up, while always trying to stay humble“, Dani Arnold says. “I’m very proud of being part of Redbiotec’s story”.

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