Pioneer in living medicines

Leader in protein engineering

Redbiotec has a proven scientific and commercial track record in biopharmaceuticals, and continues to be an active driver of the industry towards more sophisticated therapeutics to address unmet treatment needs. Backed by internationally recognized scientists as Scientific Advisors, the company has a dedicated scientific team with expertise in multiple disciplines.

Track record in vaccine development

  • The first company to have successfully developed stable pentamer of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) with >95% purity
  • Engineering and production of >100 novel proteins and protein complexes
  • Trade sale of spin-off company Redvax to Pfizer (press release) for innovative CMV vaccine program and a further undisclosed program
  • Other deals closed with pharmaceutical companies in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Pioneer in the nascent field of living medicines

  • Cross-disciplinary expertise in microbial engineering and immunology
  • Development of safe and novel bacteria, not only as unique vehicles for delivering therapeutics, but also capable of turning “cold” tumours hot