Christian Schaub, co-founder, CEO and President

Christian Schaub, Co-founder, CEO and President

  • Serial entrepreneur, business and start-up coach, keynote speaker
  • M.Sc. in engineering, ETH Zurich
  • Manages Redbiotec’s operations and growth to scientific leadership in bacterial and protein engineering
  • Raised > CHF 20 mn capital for the company
  • Headed the Pfizer deal (Redbiotec Spin-off Redvax sold to Pfizer)
  • Led Redbiotec in closing deals with other pharma companies including Roche, Merck and Sanofi Pasteur
Dr. Corinne John, co-founder, Executive Vice President

Dr. Corinne John, Co-founder, Executive Vice President

  • Ph.D. in biochemistry, ETH Zurich
  • Research at Harvard Medical School, USA
  • Technology entrepreneurship degree from the executive school of the HSG
  • W.A. de Vigier Prize Winner 2007
  • Responsible for Human Resources and IP Strategy at Redbiotec
  • Member of core M&A team leading the Pfizer deal
Dr. Marina Studart, Senior Project Leader

Dr. Marina Studart, Senior Manager Innovation

  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry, ETH Zurich
  • > 13 years of cross-disciplinary biomedical research experiences
  • Joined Redbiotec in 2013
  • Formerly responsible for the development of protein engineering platform prior to the Pfizer deal, and Co-Leader of the Oncology Program
  • Currently Project Leader of Gene Therapy

Board of Directors

Christian Schaub, Chairman of the Board, CEO and co-founder

Dr. Corinne John, Board Member, co-founder

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Richard, Board Member, Investor

Dr. Hans-Peter Richard is a Medical Doctor based in Switzerland and a visiting lecturer at the Univ. of Bern. As an active private investor, he partners with a venture capital fund and manages direct investments in start-ups and fast-growing companies, with a strong focus on life sciences. A former board member of the Oettinger Davidoff Group, Dr. Richard is also a board member at several other companies.

Dr. Winfried Mayer, Board Member, Investor

Dr. Winfried Mayer was the former Head of Manufacturing at Roche Pharmaceuticals, and advisor to Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan.