Christian Schaub, co-founder, CEO and President

Christian Schaub, co-founder, CEO and President

  • Serial entrepreneur, business and start-up coach, key note speaker
  • M. Sc. in engineering, ETH Zurich
  • Managed Redbiotec’s operations and growth to technological leadership in bacterial and protein engineering
  • Led Redbiotec in closing deals with several pharma companies, including Pfizer, Roche, Merck, Sanofi Pasteur
  • Raised > 18mCHF capital for Redbiotec
  • Headed exit deal – Redbiotec Spin-off Redvax sold to Pfizer – from start to closing. Without support by M&A advisors
Dr. Corinne John, co-founder, Executive Vice President

Dr. Corinne John, co-founder, Executive Vice President

  • PhD in biochemistry, ETH Zurich
  • M.Sc. in Biotechnology, ESBS, France
  • Research at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  • Technology entrepreneurship degree from the executive school of the HSG
  • W.A. de Vigier Prize Winner 2007
  • Responsible for Human Resources and IP Strategy
  • Member of core M&A team leading Redbiotec to exit deal – Redbiotec Spin-off Redvax sold to Pfizer
Dr. Lilli Stergiou, Senior Businesss Development Manager

Dr. Lilli Stergiou, CSO

  • PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics, Uni Zurich
  • 5 years of postdoctoral experience and biotech experience
  • Founding member of the non-profit organization LSZYSN
  • Joined Redbiotec in 2012
  • Member of core M&A team leading Redbiotec to exit deal – Redbiotec Spin-off Redvax sold to Pfizer
  • Head of Herpes Vaccine program; appointed CSO in Nov. 2017
Dr. Marina Studart, Senior Project Leader

Dr. Marina Studart, Senior Scientist, Co-Leader Oncology program

  • PhD in Biochemistry, ETH Zurich
  • M.Sc. In Genetics and Evolution
  • Joined Redbiotec in 2013
  • Prior to exit deal, responsible for the development of Redbiotec’s protein engineering platform
  • Since 2017 Co-leader of Redbiotec’s Oncology program

Board of Directors

Christian Schaub, Chairman of the board, CEO and co-founder

Dr. Michael Sidler, Member of the board, Partner/co-founder at Redalpine Venture Partners AG

Dr. Michael Sidler joined the Redbiotec Board in 2009. Michael is a founding member of Redalpine Venture Partners AG, Zurich and is General Partner for the Redalpine Capital I fund (Luxemburg). Before becoming an Investor, he was responsible for Corporate Investments and M&A at Prionics, a Biotech Startup based in Schlieren. From 1998 to 2003, Michael worked for The Boston Consulting Group in Zurich and Toronto in different functions as a project manager. Michael is in various organizations, juries, and advisory boards for the development and support of start-up companies such as CTI Startup, Venturekick, CTI Invest, SECA, Technopark Zürich und Glatec. In addition to his engagement in Zurich, he is a partner at Intro International AS, a Norwegian company commercializing emerging technologies. He studied biology at the University of Zurich and received his PhD in 1998.

Dr. Corinne John, Member of the board, co-founder

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Richard, Member of the board, Private Investor

Dr. Hans-Peter Richard is a Medical Doctor specialized on premedical lifestyle management. As an active private investor, he partners up with a venture capital fund and is managing direct investments in start-ups and fast growing companies. He is focusing on sectors such as life science, science based consumer goods and luxury goods. He is member of the board at several other companies besides Redbiotec. At the University of Bern he is a visiting lecturer. He also served as a board member for Oettinger Davidoff group till 2005.

Dr. Winfried Mayer, Member of the board, Private Investor, formerly Roche Pharmaceuticals/ Chugai

Until 2011 Dr. Winfried Mayer was Head of Manufacturing at Roche Pharmaceuticals. From 2011 till 2016 he was advisor of Chugai Manufacturing, Japan.