BRISPR®tech – microbial engineering platform

Our engineered microbes have mutltiple unique functions.

Areas of our work

  • Psilocybin

    • Biomanufacturing of Psilocybin. Metabolic pathway engineering and microbial engineering.
  • Casein

    • Engineering yeast and bacteria to produce one key protein of milk. We address producers of animal-free milk and other dairy products.
  • Affibodies

    • Targeting of surface proteins under in vivo conditions using Redbiotec’s unique bacteria display platform. We address pharma companies and antibody developers.
  • Enzymes

    • Displaying of enzymes at high density at the surface of Redbiotec’s unique bacteria display platform.
  • Genetic diseases

    • Ongoing collaboration with large-cap pharma for gene therapy using our engineered bacteria.

We welcome additional industry partnerships.  Please contact us for further details.