Technology platform

Our technology platform allows for the rapid and flexible engineering of:

  • Invasive and non-invasive Bacteria with a strong focus on E. coli and L. monocytogenes
  • Oncolytic Viruses with the main scope to introduce safety switches and sensors for maximized tumor targeting
  • Proteins and protein complexes

COMOS platform – against very cold tumors and dense stroma

Redbiotec’s unique COMOS are engineered bacteria with a viral cargo – A very powerful anti-cancer weaponCOMOS have the potential to most effectively overcome the main challenges of current cancer therapies against cold tumors.

COMOS can:

  • deeply penetrate cold tumors
  • efficiently kill tumor cells directly

BRISPR – engineered bacteria delivering CRISPR

Redbiotec’s BRISPR bacteria are engineered bacteria to deliver CRISPR into human cells. This is a powerful alternative to gel-based delivery systems or viral vectors.

Redbiotec’s BRISPR bacteria have the following key advantages over gels and viral vectors for CRISPR delivery:

  • BRISPR can be systemically delivered (unlike gels)
  • BRISPR can carry bigger cargo than viruses
  • BRISPR can reach deeper cancer tissues compared to viruses and gels

Redbiotec’s proven commercial and scientific track record

  • With its technology Redbiotec is an active driver of the industry towards more complex and bigger therapeutics. Redbiotec has successfully developed and produced over 100 novel constructs since foundation of the company in 2006.
  • Among other projects Redbiotec has proven its leadership in giving several pharma companies access to a complex key antigen in the field of CMV. In 2014 this led to the acquisition of our spin-off company Redvax by Pfizer Inc..