Overview of technology platforms

Our technology platforms allow for the rapid and flexible engineering of:

  • Engineered bacteria as efficient vehicles for delivering therapeutic cargos but also capable of immune activation where needed
  • Oncolytic viruses, with the main scope of introducing safety switches and sensors for maximized tumor targeting
  • Proteins and protein complexes

C.O.M.O.S. Platform

Immuno-oncology therapies against cold tumors and dense stroma

Redbiotec’s proprietary C.O.M.O.S. are safe, engineered bacteria with a viral cargo. Together, they become powerful anti-cancer weapons

Thanks to their ability to sense tumor and activate the immune system, C.O.M.O.S. have the strong potential of effectively overcoming the main challenge faced by many current cancer therapies against immunologically cold tumors.

BRISPR Platform

Engineered bacteria delivering DNA editing technologies 

Redbiotec’s proprietary BRISPR are safe, engineered bacteria for delivering gene therapies into the human cells.

We believe that BRISPR have the following key advantages over gel-based delivery and viral vectors (e.g. AAV) for gene therapy delivery:

  • BRISPR can carry much bigger cargo than viral vectors
  • BRISPR can sense cancer cells, and reach deeper into the cancer tissues compared with viruses and gels
  • Versatile route of administrations, including systemic delivery