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COMOS – fighting the deep areas of cancer

COMOS (combined microorganisms) build a strong pillar of Redbiotec’s powerful novel immuno-oncology platform. Our COMOS are oncolytic viruses reinforced with bacteria. We apply COMOS to existing oncolytic viruses increasing their potency. Additionally, and for the best match with bacteria, we also develop our own unique oncolytic viruses.

Fighting cancer stem cells

Redbiotec’s primary target are cancer stem cells (CSC) – a rare population of tumour-initiating cells that are capable of self-renewal and differentiation, and are present in many cancer types. In comparison to normal cancer cells, CSCs are less sensitive to conventional therapies (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) – their resistance might lead to more aggressive tumour recurrence. To date, many immuno-therapies are not able to target CSC mostly due to low T-cell killing efficiency. Tumour resection might lead to the recurrence as well, as CSC might reside in the invasive front of the tumour zone. Oncolytic Viruses have the potential to overcome these problems. With the COMO approach, we aim at more efficient targeting of CSC at all their niches, deeper tumour penetration and more effective tumour cells eradication.

Medical application – reduce cancer recurrences

Redbiotec is currently evaluating different medical applications. COMOs have the big potential to become a relevant part of first-line therapies as the removal of cancer stem cells is expected to significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrences.

Against lung cancer and pancreatic cancer

Redbiotec currently focus on the development of COMOS against lung cancer and against pancreatic cancer.