Bacteria delivering large & diverse cargos

We have a strong preclinical pipeline fully owned and IP-protected. Our engineered bacteria deliver diverse cargos larger (~150kb) than other vehicles can handle, and are equipped with safety switches and other smart controls.


Deliver large gene therapy tools

Novel in vivo delivery to overcome the limitations of viral and non-viral vehicles. For instance, the delivery of large and complex gene editing systems.

Lead candidates:  RONC3 for HPV-induced cervical cancer and CIN; other discovery programs including liver diseases are underway.


Empower oncolytic virus

I-O assets that combine the killing activity of oncolytic viruses with the ability of engineered bacteria to sense and penetrate tumors. C.O.M.O.S can shield the virus and “warm up” immunologically cold tumors.

Lead candidate:  RONC1 for pancreatic cancer & colorectal cancer.