Redbiotec focuses on patients needs. We actively evaluate partnering opportunities with the ultimate goal of reinforcing our portfolio, and/or to add value to the therapies developed by our collaboration partners, in order to meet unmet patient needs.

Redbiotec offers the following partnering opportunities:

  • Collaborations in the field of HSV-2
  • Collaborations in the field of oncolytic viruses and other cancer immunotherapies
  • Other projects of mutual interest by building upon Redbiotec’s know-how and platform technologies in protein and microbial engineering

Please contact us for further discussion.

Select industry partners

And further undisclosed list of major pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners.

Select scientific collaborators

BIA Separations

With the support from BIA Separations, Redbiotec has been screening different monoliths as newmatrices for its chromatographic steps during the downstream processing of our VLPs.

ETH Zurich

Redbiotec hold an exclusive license for co-expression technologies of the ETH Zurich.

GE Healthcare

Redbiotec has a scientific collaboration with GE Healthcare for testing hollow fibers used in the recovery and purification of VLPs.

ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

Redbiotec has a longstanding collaboration with the team of Prof. Dr. Ing. Regine Eibl, leader in cell cultivation technique, for the development of state-of-the-art disposable production technology. Developments in this field are continuously integrated into Redbiotec’s rePAX® platform.