Redbiotec develops prophylactic vaccines, with a strong focus on HCMV (human cytomegalovirus).

Expansion: pure HCMV VLPs
(April 2014)

Redbiotec has successfully assembled constructs leading to reVLPs® based on capsid and surface proteins from human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) only. Analyses including mass spectrometry and electron microscopy confirmed the presence of up to 11 HCMV proteins and showed the expected virus-like particles, further expanding Redbiotec’s leading programme of CMV vaccines.

Tackling Herpesviruses: data library

After Redbiotec’s achievements with the CMV vaccine development and based on the assembly power of its rePAX® platform, the company embarked on the creation of a Herpesvirus data library over the next years.
Redbiotec is convinced that this library will lead to the generation and optimization of Herpes vaccine candidates, and will eventually reveal potential causes of virus latency and help elucidate virus-triggered cancer mechanisms.


Continuous Media Attention to Redbiotec
Schlieren, 24 October 2014
Interviews in Biopharma-Reporter and Labmanager portray Redbiotec and its innovative approach to novel vaccines. Redbiotec is also proud to announce that global player GE Healthcare presents Redbiotec as premium partner in the field of bio-production (watch video).
Collaboration with Duke University to study immune responses against complex CMV antigens
Schlieren, 09 September 2014
Redbiotec and the research group of Dr. Sallie Permar, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Duke University School of Medicine, announce a collaboration to study the contribution of complex antigens to protective immunity against Cytomegalovirus (CMV). The goal of the study is to gain insights into the correlates of protection.

Redbiotec will provide proprietary CMV antigens to be tested in sera from a target patient population to identify immune responses that are important to be targeted by a CMV vaccine to protect against infant virus transmission. The studies with Dr. Permar as well as with Prof. Britt, announced in June this year, are part of Redbiotec’s track towards clinical validation of proprietary CMV vaccine candidates.
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