Redbiotec develops prophylactic vaccines, with a strong focus on HCMV (human cytomegalovirus).

Milestone reached

After assembly of over 60 multi-protein variants and IP generation (2012) Redbiotec’s CMV program showed promising data in the recent initial in vivo study. Based on these results, Redbiotec will now enter into the next phase testing several combinations in order to evaluate the best lead by end of 2013.

Tackling Herpesviruses: data library

After Redbiotec’s achievements with the CMV vaccine development and based on the assembly power of its rePAX® platform, the company embarked on the creation of a Herpesvirus data library over the next years.
Redbiotec is convinced that this library will lead to the generation and optimization of Herpes vaccine candidates, and will eventually reveal potential causes of virus latency and help elucidate virus-triggered cancer mechanisms.


Positive PCT report for Redbiotec’s CMV patent application
Schlieren, 03 February 2014
Redbiotec is pleased to announce that the international search report of our PCT patent application covering our CMV program has  been very positive. All of Redbiotec’s 18 claims have been given a “yes” for novelty, a “yes” for inventive step and a “yes” for industrial applicability. The patent application will be published end of April 2014.
Collaboration with GSK Vaccines
Schlieren, 03 December 2013
Redbiotec is pleased to announce that is has entered into a collaboration with GSK vaccines. In a feasibility study GSK will apply Redbiotec's assets and its proprietary technology platform rePAX® to an undisclosed program.
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