CMV program -  Spinoff Redvax sold to Pfizer

Redbiotec has successfully developed a CMV vaccine program based on its rePAX® technology. This program was sold to Pfizer. See Pfizer press release, January 5 2014. Pfizer press release.

“Through the acquisition of the Redvax innovative CMV vaccine platform and expertise we will seek to develop a vaccine to prevent a difficult disease that can have a devastating and lifelong impact on young children,” said Kathrin U. Jansen, a senior vice president of Pfizer.

See also investor statement Redalpine blog.


New focus: Herpesviruses, Influenza and exploratory projects

Redbiotec is participant of an EU program targeting a universal Influenza vaccine.

After the successful transaction with Pfizer, in which Redbiotec’s spinoff Redvax GmbH was sold, Redbiotec has now moved in further herpesvirus fields such as HSV-2.

Beyond the vaccine activities Redbiotec is currently exploring opportunities for the application of its rePAX® platform int the area of pain and microorganisms.


Leading HSV expert joins Redbiotec
Schlieren, 30 June 2015
Redbiotec announces today the appointment of Professor & Director Lbachir BenMohamed from UC Irvine, School of Medicine, to Redbiotec's team. Professor BenMohamed is a leading expert in immunology and in particular in the field of the Herpes Simplex Virus HSV.
Perfect start into 2015 - acquisition of CMV program by Pfizer
Schlieren, 11 January 2015
The announcement on January 5th of the acquisition of Redvax, spin-off of Redbiotec, by Pfizer was covered by a large number of news outlets worldwide, including Financial Times, Walls Street Journal, Nasdaq, NZZ.

Redbiotec would like to thank for the positive global feedback from CMV experts, life science investors, business developers, financial advisors and entrepreneurs we received last week.

Please also read Redbiotec press release.
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